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Organised information means lower costs

An organised records management system ensures that only relevant files are maintained, reduces duplication of work, and allows for the smooth transfer of information within your organisation.

Together we can refine your records management system to make it less complicated and more efficient. We will help you reduce your storage costs, space requirements and information retrieval time, while lowering your overall labor costs.

Offers physical filing equipment and supplies, paper to electronic conversion services, records management software, and consulting services.

tabZEROfile is the perfect folder for organisations that are doing all they can to reduce their impact on our environment. And the good news is that this folder is the same price as a standard folder!

Carbon Neutral
Datafile has partnered with ZeroFootprint to calculate the carbon emissions created in the production of tabZEROfile. We then offset those emissions by funding restoration projects as part of our ongoing commitment to reducing Datafile's carbon footprint.

Datafile is contributing our carbon-offsetting donation to forest restoration projects in North America. Unlike reforestation, this kind of forest restoration ensures the specific needs of this forest have been factored into its long-term plan. This includes a diverse range of species and attention to the future success of the biomass that the forest will support.


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Folder - Legal (FC) Size FORTIfile Side Tab - Honey Brown
75 x Legal Honey Brown End or Side tab (Lateral Shelf Folder)...
SKU: FF4229-HB
Folder - Legal Size FORTIfile Pressed Files x 25
Coloured Legal (240mm x 390mm) End tab File Folder (FORTIfile)
SKU: FF4722
Folder - Legal Size FORTIfile Expansion Folder x 15
Legal (240mm x 390mm) 125mm expansion End tab Pocket (FORTIfile)
SKU: FF4845-**
5 tabs 5 to View Divider Set White
5 tabs 5 to View Divider Sets, White with Reinforced strip
SKU: 1260WW
Mylar Label Protector x100
Mylar Label Protector x100
SKU: LA8650
SKU: L8800
TabQuik Labelling Software
Print your own Colour coded labels with our Tabquik Labelling...
SKU: TabQuik
TabQuik Labels - 4 Per Page
One Full Tab Label (4 Up) TabQuik Labels - Sheet of 4 Labels...
SKU: 6306-A4
6 x 4
6 x 4" Polyprop Pocket
SKU: 1347-PP
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