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New Year, New Habits: Time to Get Organised

 by fileit on 13 Jan 2014 |
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It’s a new year and time to get organised. Why not get organised now while you are motivated and refreshed from holidays. To help, we’ve given you some tips and ideas to declutter, organise and arrange your office space.

Update contacts. Over the Christmas period and busy months of last year you’re sure to have been inundated with Christmas letters, email and business related ones too. Instead of forgetting all about them use them to update your contacts. If you haven’t already, start a database of contacts using the email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses and any other helpful or relevant information about that client, customer, colleague or whoever it is. If you already have a database, why not update it, ensure old contacts are correct and add new ones.

Don’t know how to create a database? Try using Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Access.
If you’re organised and have already done this, set a reminder (whether written or electronic in outlook) to remind yourself to update your contacts throughout the year). This way, you’ll never be stuck with incorrect information or needing to find information that you once had. If you’re creating a database for a company or organisation ensure it complies with the new Australian Privacy Principles. You can find out more about this in our earlier blog posts or by visiting the government OAIC page.

Declutter your desk. It’s a new year and time to get rid of useless items, especially ones you didn’t even use last year! While you’re doing that, also start filing away paper work to make sure your desk is a free and an inviting place to work in. Having less clutter means it is easier to keep it clean and easier to stay organised.
When getting rid of paper work ensure you double check if you need it first. Consider whether:
  • You need it for legal purposes;
  • Whether you have the document stored electronically or if someone else does; or
  • Whether there are already paper copies elsewhere.
Get a wall planner or calendar. Having a wall planner makes it easier to keep tabs on what needs to be done and reminds you of important dates. You can find great wall planners at Notemaker. See this one

Create a to-do list and stick to it. Create a new list each day and check things off. This way you won’t forget things and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something every time you tick something of the list.

Label everything. Make everything easy to find and label things. Use our wide selection of labels to keep organised, available here. Label folders and also things like trays and shelves so you know what belongs where. Contact us if you’re interested in custom printed labels at or call 1800 002 441.

Clean out your email account. Delete all of those unnecessary emails and the ones you’ll never read. Put everything you do need into folders so it’s easier to find later on. Simply add a new folder, and use the check box if available and select which folder you wish to move the email to.
Some emails even allow you to automatically sort incoming emails. For more information on this, check out this page

Any tips you live by in your office to keep organised? Let us know with a comment below. If not, good luck getting organised and best wishes for the New Year!


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