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Frequently Asked Questions

 by fileit on 05 Feb 2014 |
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Frequently Asked Questions

Often we get asked similar questions over the phone so we’ve decided to put these questions together so it is easier to find the answers to all your important questions!

Q: What sizes do the folders come in?

A: Our folders come in four standard sizes and these are: Legal (387mm), Foolscap (368mm), NZ Foolscap (355mm) and A4 (330mm). 

Q: How many pages will my file hold?

A: If you use a tubeclip or a t-clip, your folder should hold up to a ream of paper (500 sheets).  Our standard files expand to 40mm- the average file will hold a ream of paper (pending compression)

Q: Why are different folders different in paper density (gsm)?

A: We offer folders with different densities to offer clients the right file for them. For clients who only use folders infrequently folders with a lower gsm are more appropriate. This could be for example for clients who have patients infrequently and therefore only use folders for those files intermittently. For clients who see customers or patients frequently or very frequently, we have folders for high use and exceptionally high use. These folders have a higher gsm to suit.

Low gsm folders include the FO-003 series (medium weight white end tab folders). For high use, the FO-002, FO-4 and FO-006 (heavy weight white end tab folders) series is best or the FO-1-*2P series (coloured end tab folders). For heavy duty and heavy weight folders, perfect for exceptionally high use, try the FO-4-02CC or any of the full mylar folders.

Q: How long will my folders last?

A: All of our folders have an average life of 40 years. All folders are lignin free meaning that the acid often used in receipt papers is not present. Unlike a receipt where the ink fades, pages within the folder will keep well.

Q: What files fit in which filing cabinets?

A: All of the lateral filing cabinets fit any of our folders; this includes tambour door cabinets, swing door cabinets and flipper door cabinetsMobile pedestals and drawer filing cabinets however, will only fit folders that are NZ foolscap (355mm) or A4 (330mm) in size.

To find more FAQ, visit the page on our website here. Have a question still unanswered? Feel free to drop us a comment below, ask us on social media or email us


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