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​Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the Office

 by fileit on 03 Mar 2014 |
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Most offices have more paper waste than any other waste. According to Clean Up Australia, the average Australian office employee will use approximately 10,000 sheets of A4 within a year. Usually, half of this goes directly to landfill. As Clean Up Australia Day has just passed, we thought we’d give you some tips to ensure your office stays clean all year round!


Email. Instead of using letters for clients and customers, try using email more often.

No junk mail. Instead of receiving copious amounts of junk mail that goes straight to waste, ensure you are removed from the junk mailing lists perhaps through signage.

Avoid printing where possible. Before printing, think about whether you can just do the work on-screen instead. Especially if it is editing or checking work or filling out forms.

Reduce packaging. Try not to buy goods off companies who use excessive package. Or if you package products, only use the necessary packaging. Also, try and buy products from within Australia as all packing from Australian companies is 100% recyclable. All of our File-It packaging can be recycled.

Print double sided. Where possible print double sided to reduce the paper used each print.

Have your own mug. Use our own mug for work rather than using plastic or foam cups. For take away coffee, buy a keep cup for take away coffee.


Use scrap paper. Use any useless printed paper as note paper or scrap paper rather than throwing it out.

Use shredded paper. Use shredded paper from the office for packaging.

Reuse files. When pages are no longer needed in files, don’t throw out the folder too. Reuse the folder for new clients or information.


Only buy products for the office that are recycled paper and cardboard. All of our Coloured End Tab folders are fully recyclable and made from 100% renewable resources. For paper, try Reflex 100% recycled paper. Always look for the recycling symbol when purchasing. 

Have a recycling bin. Ensure that you have a recycling bin in the office that is clearly labelled and utilised.

Keep in mind what can be recycled and what can’t be. See the table below for a quick overview!
Recyclable Non-Recyclable
Cardboard boxes Carbon and self carbonised paper
Newspapers, magazines and brochures Facial tissues, napkins and paper towel
Photocopy paper and wrappers Sticky tape and adhesive labels
Computer printouts Plastic bags and plastic wrap
Envelopes (even if they have windows) Wax or plastic coated boxes or paper
Manilla folders Thermal fax paper
Phone books Batteries


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