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​Time to Get Efficient: Our Favourite Apps and Programs for the Office.

 by fileit on 02 Apr 2014 |
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We’re all for saving time when it comes to work in the office. So we’ve done some research and found some handy apps, sites and programs to help you do this.
Frustrated that your scans are images and not documents? OmniPage File Converter allows you to convert images with words into text files. This is guaranteed to save you lots of time typing out those documents in image formats so you can edit them. The app can even scan pdfs and then allows you to edit them in word.
If you’re using a computer or tablet with office, try using sticky notes. These notes let you create post it notes on your computer! It’s a free app and can be used in Microsoft Word or Excel.
Need to brainstorm ideas? Try mind mapping apps. This helpful list of apps is handy for office meetings or trying to think up ideas on your own.
Every now and then we all get confused over a convoluted word. Best to have a dictionary app handy for when you do! For androids, try using this dictionary app and this dictionary for apple users.
Need to take notes in a meeting? Try using Evernote which lets you record, type or write notes and then save them to cloud storage. You can create note books too, so you can organise where notes are located. Or if you’re using a document and taking notes on top of it, why not do this on your computer using Notability! This app also lets you highlight and more. Got a better method of taking notes in meetings? Let us know!
Try saving some paper by using PrintFriendly. This site lets you turn webpages into printer friendly pages. Alternatively, try the app. The app lets you remove unwanted advertising, images and other content. It also allows you to change the size of the font.
Try Task2Gather which lets you share and manage the tasks you have to do with your team. Google Docs is also handy as it allows multiple users to edit the same document and upload new content.
Getting hungry and ordering food orcatering for the office? Try this site to order food online! It’ll save you time trying to call and explain your order. Also try Yelp for restaurant reviews and Around Me for information your closest restaurants and food outlets as well as other handy things like banks petrol stations.
Although listening to music might not save you time, it might help you keep motivated at work. Itunes is always great if you do want to listen to your own music. Or if you prefer radio, try Pandora or iHeartRadio.
There are plenty of handy apps and programs out there and we’d love to know what your favourites are. Let us know so we can add them to our list! 


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