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​10 Money Saving Ideas for the Office

 by fileit on 07 May 2014 |
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Want some tips to help you save some money in your business, around the office or in your home office? These 10 tips will help you get on the way to saving money. 
  1. Use advertising in your mailing such as invoices and statements. Either print adverts on the back or on a separate page. This saves sending two letters. And, if you can email your clients/customers etc. instead of mailing. If you are sending email, use a green email signature i.e “please consider the environment before printing” to encourage others not to print unnecessarily.
  2. When sending mail, check your mailing list first. Be sure to remove those who are not interested, or no longer interested. Also edit addresses for those who have changed addresses. Sending unwanted or unnecessary mail, will give you expenses on postage and printing that you can save on!
  3. Make sure your computer settings put the computer into sleep or hibernation mode after a period of inactivity. Also try using an energy saving mode. Another way to reduce energy costs is to turn the brightness of your monitor or laptop down. This will also limit eye strain and headaches. If you can use laptops instead of a computer then do so.
  4. Print double sided and print on recyclable pages. Another way of saving on printing costs is printing multiple pages in one and to avoid printing unnecessary pages too. If you can, use a laser printer instead of an inkjet as it can print more for each cartridge.
  5. Re-use water bottles and buy a keep cup for purchased coffee or a mug for the office rather than polystyrene cups. Try using this site, to find a keep cup store near you, or even better, design your own!
  6. This is an obvious one, but a reminder every now and then never hurts! Turn power points off when they are not in use. Check out Energy Australia’s site for more help with electricity costs.
  7. Refill and reuse products where possible, i.e. liquid soap and pens.
  8. Don’t buy unnecessary desk supplies and try to share supplies where possible. For example staplers, or tape dispensers.  Also, don’t buy products in bulk that you will not use all of. If you are buying frequently though, ensure you do buy in bulk.
  9. Upgrade and improve your computers instead of replacing them with new ones all the time. Only buy new computers when necessary. 
  10. Use natural light where possible. Why not try putting your desk under or near a window. Also ensure lights that aren’t in use are switched off. Alternatively, try using motion lights and lights with CFL bulbs (fluorescent lights).


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