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Who Would’ve Thought?

 by fileit on 28 Apr 2014 |
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  • When we think, only about 35% of our brain actually functions.
  • On an average workday, a typists fingers travel approximately 20km. Good reason to get quick at typing, right?
  • The average worker spends up to 50 minutes searching for lost items such as files in the office. Don’t waste time like this, stay organised when it comes to filing and storage!
  • During a meeting, the brain usually only retains about 5% of what is said. Be sure you’re taking notes next time!
  • The first computer mouse was made out of wood.
  • An A4 sized piece of paper, cannot be folded in half more than 7 times.
  • Your mobile phone has more processing power than the computers in the Apollo 11 rocket that took men to the moon. Pretty amazing how technology has changed!
  • Avoid skipping lunch, because studies show it makes you less productive and more stressed. Eating unhealthy food also has the same effect. Be sure to pack some lunch or make something healthy and take a break.
  • Ergonomic chairs are great for supporting those with chronic back pain. Invest in one if you suffer from this problem, or enjoy being comfortable at work!
  • If you stress excessively, you can cause your brain function and structure to be altered. Relax when you get the chance after work and take a break when you need to at work.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep at night, because it is during this time that your brain has the opportunity to consolidate your memories from the day.
  • A tonne of paper uses about 20 full-grown trees. But if recycling occurs then 13 trees are saved! That’s some motivation to get recycling in the office. Believe it or not, most office workers, on average, dispose of 50 kg of paper each year. This equates to 10,000 sheets of A4 paper. Even more reason to invest in recycling.
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