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7 Search Engine Suggestions

 by fileit on 19 May 2014 |
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  1. (“ ”) Quotation Marks. Using quotation marks will mean only sites or pages with that specific phrase in it are shown. Instead of searching lateral filing cabinets, search “lateral filing cabinets”. This will return results that contain those specific three words in that order. Although be wary that using quotation marks may limit relevant search results. For example, if you are interested in fiding filing cabinets that are not lateral as well, avoid using quotationg marks. 
  1. Unique Words. Use unique and specific words where possible. If you can, avoid using words with double or more meanings. Instead ensure the words you chose are specific and adequately describe what you are searching.
  1. Ctrl + F. Once you’ve selected a site to look at, use the Ctrl + F function to find the information you are looking for. This will save you time skimming the whole webpage for the information you are after.
  1. Avoid Punctuation. Don’t use punctuation. Search engines ignore this anyway. Search engines also ignore common words like ‘the’ and ‘a’ and capitalisation. If you want common words such as ‘the’ to be included though, use a + to ensure the search engine looks for it. 
  1. (-) Minus Sign. If you wish to avoid search results with a particular result use the minus sign. For example if you wish to search furniture but you don’t want to see results with lounges, search ‘furniture -lounges’.
  1. Search a Site. If you wish to search a site simply type site: followed by the web address and then the search term. For example ‘ storage’ if you wish to search our site for storage. This is a handy way of searching for a particular webpage on a website, rather than try to navigate the site and find it yourself!
  1. Definitions.  For a quick definition on Google simply type ‘define:’ followed by the word. 


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