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Office Must Haves

 by fileit on 11 Jun 2014 |
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There is some equipment that you just can’t go past. Next time you are setting up your office, or moving, make sure you have this list of office supplies to make life easy!

Pens and pencils (this goes without saying)!

Desk planner/wall planner. These are so handy to keep you on top of tasks and remind you of upcoming meetings, due dates and more.

Note pad. These are always great for making to do lists, or writing up drafts. If you’re always losing your note pad or forgetting to use it, check out this coffee mug note pad! You won’t be able to forget your list that way.

Post-it notes. Who doesn’t love post-it notes? They’re always handy to have near by for when the phone rings and you need to jot something quick down. Brighten up your dull desk using these post-it notes.

Highlighters. Who can go without highlighters? We can’t! They’re so helpful for drawing things to your attention for a later date or to ensure a co-worker doesn’t miss something. What’s your favourite colour?

File folders and folder labels. These are handy to keep all your files together and organised. You’ll never be able to lose those important documents with these. And, let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than a desk full of random paper, bills, and other mail where you can’t find anything! Try these file folders and labels.  

Filing cabinet. Make sure you keep documents organised and in one location so all staff have quick easy access to important documents. Need help purchasing one? Drop us a comment below. Alternatively, see our range here.

Scanner. These are practical to have for letters or faxes that need to be saved electronically or forwarded to someone else through email.

Photocopier. Handy to create quick fast copies for co-workers or yourself.

Paper shredders. These are very important to have to ensure private and confidential documents are destroyed and not copied.

Printer. Although no one likes destroying trees, we all need one. Just make sure you aren’t wasting paper. You can lessen the amount of pages your print by widening the margins of a document, making the font smaller and printing double sided. Sometimes changing the font can also save ink and paper. Some printers also offer a fast, economical setting to save ink. Have a look at our new printer available here. Or if you’re in need of ink, try these.  

Paper. Obviously necessary if you intend to print! Try using recyclable paper.

Coffee maker. Who can live without coffee? We all need a coffee hit now and again to make sure we stay awake and remain productive. Try a pod or capsule coffee machine for one that is easy to use but still makes a great coffee.

Business Cards. These are so convenient for new customers and clients so there is no need to jot anything down. Saves time and hassle! Did you know you can make your own quite easily on publisher using a template?

Utility knife or scissors for opening packages. For those opening lots of packages this makes life easier.

Spare USB. Always handy for when you need to transfer documents, share documents with another, saving work for home or for printing. There are lots of cheap USBs available these days. To make life even easier and a bit more colourful, use a USB that you can remember is yours like this one.

It’s always a good idea to buy these items for the office in bulk where possible. This saves you time by not having to order frequently and usually in cost as well.

Got more office supplies you think are necessary? What are they and what do you use them for? Or perhaps you have a particular brand you can recommend? Let us know!


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