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9 Office Hacks

 by fileit on 02 Jul 2014 |
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We’ve compiled a list of our favourite hacks from Pinterest all based around the office. 

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  1. Keyboard dirty? Try cleaning it with sticky tape or a post it note. 
  2. Chords getting in the way and making the top of your desk look messy? Try organising them with bulldog clips. These are especially good for things like headphones or computer cables. 
  3. Try using bulldog clips for hanging things. Hang things like pens and other stationery items. Simply clip them on to the side of a desk or shelf and hang away. These handy little things are also great used as a phone holder!
  4. Need some new magnets? Use some wooden pegs for fridge magnets by attaching a magnet. You can also use wooden pegs as paper clips. Try writing on the pegs to make them even more useful. For example, write the days of the week or if you'd prefer months, to keep papers or notes together and organised.
  5. Is your top desk drawer a mess? Instead of buying an expensive stationery tray, just grab an ice-cube tray out of the freezer! This will help you organise and tidy up all those stationery bits like paper clips, thumbtacks, staples, USBs and what not.
  6. Don’t have a wall planner or calendar? Use some clipboards to keep organised and up to date by hanging them on your wall. Make it look great with a coloured pattern using different coloured clip boards. 
  7. Technology is continuously changing and today the floppy disk is good for just about nothing. But, it may be useful as a penholder! Try the disks together with some zip ties. Or get even more creative and turn them into a notepad with some small square pages in between and secure at the top with the zip ties!
  8. Got chords everywhere at your feet? Use a kitchen basket to secure heavier chords such as laptop chargers and power boards underneath your desk.
  9. A cheap way of keeping papers organised is by using a spring to keep papers organised (try pen springs). Springs also come in handy to keep cords and cables in one piece if they are bending or breaking.
Want to see how these hacks work? Check us out on Pinterest for pictures and more of our favourite pins!



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