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Colour Choice

 by fileit on 30 Jul 2014 |
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Colours play a big role in marketing, sales, brand building, product choice and more. To help you decide on colours for your own business or for deciding on our products or any other products, we’ve created a list of tips on which colours to choose and why. Whilst every colour has its own connotations, avoid using a single colour alone particularly for brands or marketing. Using a combination of the right colours is the way to go.

  • Great for anything that needs enthusiasm and creativity. Yellow is a bright colour which is often helps people clarify things and is attention grabbing. Using yellow files may help alert you. Using yellow for a brand or website may help draw attention to the business and may also encourage confidence.
  • Orange is often seen as an inviting colour and can therefore encourage a call to action. If you require consumers to do something, orange may be the colour to use to help you achieve this. It may also be great colour to use to show affordability.
  • Having a sale? Red is the colour to use. Red tells us to pay attention. Use red on files which need to be paid particular attention to. Or use red designation labels to alert something in particular. We also have allergy labels with a red background to grab attention! Looking to brighten the office up with this attention grabbing colour? Why not try using red vesta office chairs.
  • Pink can be used to express energy and may be ideal for advertising products to females or a particular brand to females. Pink is also seen as a harmonious colour. Pink coloured end tab folders or pink single strip labels may be good to use for files that are not used as frequently.  
  • This colour draws it meanings from the colours it is created from; red and blue. It has a mysterious sense about it and is also seen as elegant. Using purple for a folder choice may show boldness and brighten up the cabinet.
  • Blue is colour to use if you wish to demonstrate that your brand or product is trustworthy. Darker blues are also known to be associated with logic and law. Blue folders could be used for legal matters.
  • Green is the most soothing colour and pale green in particular is one of the easiest colours for the eye to process. Dark green however may be used for establishing prestige and influence. Try using a green expansion pocket for a folder that is easy to look at but still easy to identify.
  • Brown suggests stability and also a connection to the earth. Use this colour to establish strength or for products that are natural or earthy. Brown expansion pockets are great for blending in with the office.
  • Grey can be used to show reliability and often confidence too. Grey swing door cupboards look great in the office as it is a neutral colour.
  • Use this colour to show strength and boldness. Often black is also associated with luxury. Black is a great colour to use for seating, especially reception seating for the above reasons.
  • White is traditionally used to show purity and simplicity. White may be perfect for a background or a starting point. Try our white file folders to use as a base to give consistency and simplicity and combine with colour coding labels to aid identification. White may also be a great colour for a background of a brand, website or logo as it avoids overcomplicating it. White is also a great colour for the office as it blends well and matches with almost anything. White seating is a great choice for the office and so it white storage options.
  • Neutral tones are perfect for showing resilience and quality. Neutral colours are great for filing cabinets and storage solutions. As stated above, try using white, grey or black for filing solutions. Some of our filing solutions also come in rivergum beige, magnolia and graphite ripple. Try these tones for a neutral option too.
 Any more tips for using colour? We’d love to hear them. Let us know in a comment below! 


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