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Lateral (shelf) file Vs Vertical

 by fileit on 27 Feb 2018 |
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In many sectors our modern offices have reduced the need for physical filinf dramatically.

This doesn't mean that consideration of how you store what is required (legally or by desire/design) to be kept in paper is any less important.

Drawer cabinets are space inefficient in terms of floor space consumed Vs actual storage space. Consider your average 4 drawer filing cabinet (open as the space in front to open the drawer is unuseable) uses over half a square metre of floor space for a maximum capacity of 2.2 lineal metres of storage.

A tambour door cabinet at equivalent height only impacts .45 sq. metres but has 3.2 lineal mtres capacity. The tambour isn't restricted by drawers in height however and is available in taller models, expanding to in excess of 5 lineal metres of storage.  Typically a full height 1200mm wide tambour door cabinet will hold the equivalent of a 4drawer filing cabinet utilizing suspension frames, in lateral shelf files. The impact on floor space becomes .6 of a lineal metre in favour of the lockable tambour cabinet vs 2.1 lineal metres for the 4 drawer filing Cabinets.

Question isn't whether you can afford lateral filing cabinets, its can your floor space afford you not to?


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