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March 2014

The Right Chair For You

 by fileit on 24 Mar 2014 |
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Do you find yourself sitting in a chair all day at work? Is that chair providing you with the right comfort and support? If not, maybe it’s time to buy a new chair. Today, one of the most popular chairs is an ergonomic office chair. These chairs are...

Filing Mishaps to Avoid

 by fileit on 12 Mar 2014 |
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Image from   Having one of those days? Perhaps it’s just your filing system, not you! Having a filing system that works is important for businesses. You should be able to locate a file in a few mom...

​Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the Office

 by fileit on 03 Mar 2014 |
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Image from    Most offices have more paper waste than any other waste. According to Clean Up Australia, the average Australian office employee will use approximately 10,000 sheets of A4 within a ye...
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