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April 2014

Who Would’ve Thought?

 by fileit on 28 Apr 2014 |
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When we think, only about 35% of our brain actually functions. On an average workday, a typists fingers travel approximately 20km. Good reason to get quick at typing, right? The average worker spends up to 50 minutes searching for lost items such...

Filing Tips

 by fileit on 24 Apr 2014 |
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Filing can be a painful and stressful task if it is not done in the right way. But, there are a number of filing tips that can keep your workplace much more organised and stress-free. Here are some of our tips to help you create the right filing sys...

​Time to Get Efficient: Our Favourite Apps and Programs for the Office.

 by fileit on 02 Apr 2014 |
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We’re all for saving time when it comes to work in the office. So we’ve done some research and found some handy apps, sites and programs to help you do this.   Frustrated that your scans are images and not documents? OmniPage File Converter allows...
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