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Lateral (shelf) file Vs Vertical

 by fileit on 27 Feb 2018 |
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In many sectors our modern offices have reduced the need for physical filinf dramatically. This doesn't mean that consideration of how you store what is required (legally or by desire/design) to be kept in paper is any less important. Drawer cabine...

Colour Coding

 by fileit on 09 Oct 2015 |
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Colour Coded Filing – how can it help me? What is colour coded filing? The eye responds to colour faster and more readily than an other visual stimuli so colour coded lateral filing provides an easy, logical way to build an effective storage and re...

Colour Choice

 by fileit on 30 Jul 2014 |
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Colours play a big role in marketing, sales, brand building, product choice and more. To help you decide on colours for your own business or for deciding on our products or any other products, we’ve created a list of tips on which colours to choose...

Filing Tips

 by fileit on 24 Apr 2014 |
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Filing can be a painful and stressful task if it is not done in the right way. But, there are a number of filing tips that can keep your workplace much more organised and stress-free. Here are some of our tips to help you create the right filing sys...

Filing Mishaps to Avoid

 by fileit on 12 Mar 2014 |
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Image from   Having one of those days? Perhaps it’s just your filing system, not you! Having a filing system that works is important for businesses. You should be able to locate a file in a few mom...
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