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9 Office Hacks

 by fileit on 02 Jul 2014 |
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We’ve compiled a list of our favourite hacks from Pinterest all based around the office.  Image from Keyboard dirty? Try cleaning it with sticky tape or a post it note.  Chords getting in the way and making the top o...

Filing Mishaps to Avoid

 by fileit on 12 Mar 2014 |
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Image from   Having one of those days? Perhaps it’s just your filing system, not you! Having a filing system that works is important for businesses. You should be able to locate a file in a few mom...

New Year, New Habits: Time to Get Organised

 by fileit on 13 Jan 2014 |
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It’s a new year and time to get organised. Why not get organised now while you are motivated and refreshed from holidays. To help, we’ve given you some tips and ideas to declutter, organise and arrange your office space. Update contacts. Over the ...
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