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Tubeclip® File

While File-It offers the service of installing tubeclips in every suitable folder in its range (where applicable), there are folders stocked specifically with both the Avery® Tubeclip® and the File-It tubeclip for faster freight and your benefit.

Adhesive base models are often ex stock, while the non adhesive 3-piece clip (often referred to as a Medi-clip, uniclip or gusset clip) are also availble for installation in the right folder if required.

Permclips® are available installed on a lead time and Foamclips® ex stock pending the folder required.

Tubeclip® File

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Installation of either Tubeclip, T-Clip, Foam Clip including Clip
100 x clip and installation of clip into any lateral files
Heavy Duty, End Tab Folder with Left hand Wallet and Tubeclip Fastener x 25
25 x Heavy Duty Lateral End Tab Folder with Left Hand Wallet...
SKU: FO-009-**
Legal Heavy Weight White End Tab Folder Tubeclip® Fastener x100
100 x Legal Heavy Weight White End Tab Folder
SKU: FO-002-021C
Foolscap Part Mylar Weight End Tab Folder with tubeclip file fastener x100
100 x Partial Heavy Partial Mylar Weight White End Tab Folder...
SKU: FO-4-01P1C

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