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Pockets installed in files accommodate items unsuitable to be bound under a clip. Self adhesive A5 size pockets with a clear front hold items like photographs, old card files, data storage or simply notes kept separate to the file proper.

Manila or white pockets are normally close to A4 in size and are used in folders to accommodate film, card files, photographs or notes.

File-IT offers installation of pockets as a service. Please enquire by calling or emailing us for this service. Click here for contact information. 

Media Inserts

Media Inserts such as the COLBY A4 Multimedia Presenter, are inserts suitable to end tab and lever-arch style solutions, offering storage for DVD's and CD's as well as other media.

Tip Back Patches

The Tip Back Patch allows you to punch records in one corner only. This allows the user to swing papers out of the way so that you can see more of the record.

Attach-a-Tab or Extend-A-Tab

This simple accessory turns a straight cut file into an end tab file. The File-IT attach - a - tab has self adhesive flaps with peel off strips for easy attachment to the file. Used to turn drawer stored files into lateral stored files and for converting to lateral end tab identified systems. The attach a tab cuts the cost associated with removing all the media from an existing file and relocating it on a new one and is particularly useful where the condition of the existing files does not warrant replacement.

The tab is printed to assist the application of colour code labels.

Where the attach-a tab purpose is for the lateral identification of closed files, a suitable and more cost effective alternative is our LabelsAnywhere software using a larger size label that forms the tab while providing the identification.

Poly Pockets and File Inserts

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Poly Pocket Installation
100 x Poly Pockets Installed
6 x 4
6 x 4" Polyprop Pocket
SKU: 1347-PP
9 x 6
9 x 6" Polyprop Pocket
SKU: 1348-PP
100 x POLY POCKET 9 x 6
9 x 6" Adhesive Poly Pocket
SKU: FA-006-01
Attach-a-Tab Label x 100
Attaching tab label
SKU: L8400

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